We had some audience members from one of our recent showings in Adelaide, Australia offer some video reflections on the film. They wanted to share the ways the film impacted them and in particular speak to some of our cast members:

Many thanks to them for allowing us to post this! If you want to share a video response, contact us and we’d be happy to post those on this webpage.

Other feedback from those who’ve viewed the film or attended one of our workshops:

…Excellent film, thought provoking – workshop participant


Eye-opening – opened my mind to types of oppression that I had not considered – Kay


I’m sure I will share and encourage discussion as a result of watching this film – Melissa


…I felt a connection on some level with all of the cast… – workshop participant


I’ve developed a greater degree of compassion from watching real people describe their real experiences – audience member



If you would like to add your comments or feedback, you can also leave a comment below. We want to hear what you liked, what you didn’t like, reflections, or pretty much anything else that the film sparked in you!

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