Trainings and Workshops

Our training services include film screening events, facilitating dialogues, and conducting Parrhesia workshops aimed at building multicultural and diversity awareness. We offer a 3 hour workshop which includes showing the film followed by a facilitated group discussion. We can tailor this experience to your group’s needs, such as developing a full day’s diversity-centered training workshop. We have 15 years experience as educators and workshop providers, and almost 20 years of experience and service as Professional Counselors (see Shawn or John’s bios for more details). Interested in learning about the interviewing skills we utilized in the film process? As experts in Narrative-based approaches, we can also provide education on narrative-based practices. Check out our Project: I AM page for our most recent workshop experience, designed around teaching a specific narrative practice to address experiences of trauma connected to oppression.

Drawing from extensive experience as diversity and social justice educators, we feel it is important to work with our customers to develop diversity workshops that meet the needs of the organization. Generally, fees include a service fee and travel expenses.  Honoraria will also be considered in place of a fee for non-profit or educational institutions. Our goal is to make these trainings accessible to everyone, so fees are also negotiable based on your organization’s needs and resources.

If interested in learning more about our workshops and associated fees, please contact us at the following email address:

Or fill out the contact form: 

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