Emily Pyle

Emily, production assistant

Emily Pyle (Production Assistant) is a journalist, filmmaker and Professional Counselor. Her previous film work includes producing and directing “Burned: Life in and Out of Texas’ Youth Prisons”, a documentary that profiles two teenaged boys incarcerated in Texas’ juvenile corrections system. She has also worked as a story consultant on the documentary films “Cancerpants” and “Tomlinson Hill.”

Emily is another person whom without we never would’ve made it off the ground. Her support and feedback not only helped the film progress, she helped us grow as directors.

One response to “Emily Pyle”

  1. My name is Joseph Galloway Emily Pyle did a movie about me called burned I am trying to reach out and get in touch with her again it has been almost 10 years. I would like to speak with her and share with her my success story and what I’ve become now. I was not one of the inmates who went back to prison I have made it successful life for myself

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