Salwa Khan, Editor & Videographer

Salwa Khan, Ph.D, Producer
Salwa Khan, Ph.D, Producer

Dr. Salwa Khan, Producer, is the Coordinator of Instructional Technology Projects at Texas State University. Her career has been largely focused on telling visual stories, starting with broadcast news and documentary production for major media outlets in Washington DC including NBC, CNN and PBS. More recently in Texas, she produces, writes and edits video stories for educational and museum clients. She believes strongly in the power of compelling video to tell important stories. As a lifelong learner, she self-educates herself on new technologies and software related to media production and recently completed her PhD in adult education. She currently teaches a course in documentary production at Texas State University.

Salwa also owns her own production company, vcYes Productions: “The “v” stands for visual, the “c” for communications. The “YES” speaks for itself… being affirmative or positive. That’s what we do- tell stories in a visual, positive manner that brings the viewer into a space where ideas and creativity flow, where empathy and appreciation thrive.” Click here to check it out!

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