behind the scenes

Richard was born in England and moved to the USA when he was a teenager. He describes having experienced “privilege plus” because not only was he white, but he possessed a desirable accent. He describes wrestling with notions of fairness and equity while not wanting to lose the advantages that could help his family survive.  “As a child growing up in the early 70s, there was still this very strong idea of empire. And my parents’ generation, my grandparents’ generation sort of filtered that down to us. I think that mine was the first generation where that just wasn’t a major part of daily existence. Uh, even after the second World War when empire really didn’t exist, for the most part, that was still part of my parents’ understanding, part of their learning process. And it was just this idea that being the kind of people that we were, we weren’t oppressing, necessarily; we were making lives better for other parts of the world. And it’s very hard, I think. You don’t suddenly stop believing that and stop thinking that.”

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