Pilot Film – Standing Against Oppression

This pilot film, “Standing Against Oppression”, was produced in 2013 as part of the creative process in the making of the feature film, “Parrhesia”.  Initially this film was made to test the concept for the feature, and develop the interview process. Each person interviewed was asked to introduce us to oppression as it is known in their lives.

The pilot was designed to elicit reflections and promote conversation on experiences of oppression and responses to those experiences.  We hope you find “Standing Against Oppression” as compelling and inspiring as we do.  We welcome your comments and reflections. You are also welcome to show this short film in educational or training settings free of charge; please include appropriate credit/referencing when used.

This pilot featured 15 individuals who volunteered to talk about their experiences with oppression. We selected our final 8 for the feature from these 15. Decisions on who to cut had more to do with scheduling constraints and technicalities; we would’ve loved to have kept all their stories! You can find segments of their interviews going into more detail about their experiences in their specific cast pages. These interview segments can also be used for educational purposes free of charge.

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