Social Justice Related Resources

We have compiled a list of readings, websites, and organizations related to various aspects of social justice. This list is meant to help you find a starting point to furthering your own education about oppression and social justice. Several websites also include links to more education materials, films, or activities that can be used in educational or training environments. We want this to be a resource for all who are wanting to learn more about this complicated topic; please send us your links or reading suggestions and we will gladly add to the list!


Suggested Readings:



  •  Teaching Tolerance – A Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. A great resource for information and activities that can be used in k-12 education.
  • Project Implicit – a place to learn about implicit apperception/bias related to gender, race, sexual orientation, and more. Research on implicit bias has shown that even when we think we are being egalitarian, we can still be unaware of the social influences on our reactions to race, gender, and so on.
  • Microaggressions – a tumblr page illustrating examples of microaggressions submitted from people and sources all over the web.
  • Everyday Sexism – a website gathering user-submitted examples of sexism. You can add your own story as well.
  • Understanding Prejudice – a good educational website including many activities and training modules.
  • Stir Fry Seminars & Consulting – website where you can learn more about diversity training, and also find the films Color of Fear, Last Chance for Eden, and more cornerstone works in the area of diversity awareness
  • Tim Wise – Anti-racism educator Tim Wise’s website, with articles, book information, and blog posts.
  • Jackson Katz – anti-sexism educator Jackson Katz’ website, with handouts, information on writings and trainings.
  • World Trust: Social Impact through Film and Dialogue – Shakti Butler’s organization featuring education and access to documentaries about privilege, racism, sexism, and other topics
  • Social Work Helper  – web magazine providing news, information, and resources





If you have a website or organization you would like to add to this list, please email us at


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