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Our interviewees were asked questions about their experiences with oppression in something called a “narrative-based interviewing style”. This particular method of interviewing invites the participant to think about the experiences in their lives in ways they likely haven’t thought of before. It isn’t just telling the same old story, rather you tell your story in a new way that shows new possibilities. Our film cast described getting insight, inspiration, and even healing out of being interviewed in this way for the film. If you’d like to explore some of the questions our interviewees answered, we’ve included a list of these questions here:

PARRHESIA Film Questions.

If you’d like to share your responses with us, we’d be happy to read them and even post them to this site!



Want to share your experiences with and against oppression? This is the place to do it! We would love to hear your thoughts and stories and continue the discussion. We would be interested in reading stories, seeing artwork, or watching videos you’ve created to address oppression in your life and show the ways you are and have taken a stand against oppression.  We will post submitted work here. Submit your stories, videos, or artwork to:



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